About Lirok

Lirok Corporation has been established in 2005 based on engineering acknowledgements and prior wide experience.
Lirok has following subsidiaries:

      -   Lirok Cleanroom Technology,
      -   Lirok Cooling Technology, HVAC & Air Treatment
      -   Lirok Pharmaceutical Technology

These subsidiaries of Lirok Corporation with an objective in offering high efficient products in Cleanrooms, Cooling towers
/ HVAC & Air Treatment and Pharmaceutical Products on the age of Technology. Lirok has been developed his departments
to meet customer expectations with superior results and best qualities


More Info

Lirok Cleanroom

From the very first days, relying on our team knowledge and previous experiences, we concentrate on Design and Construction of Cleanrooms for important Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Lirok Cooling ,HVAC &
Air Treatment Technology

Lirok Cooling Technology provides the best of comprehensive Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) solutions in cooling technologies following international codes and standards.

Lirok Pharmaceutical

LirokPharma has been established in 2014 to provide unique formulations and dosage forms of Inhaler products in DPI ranges.